About Sugarcoated

The Sugarcoated team is on top of its game when it comes to creating an authentic, pin-up and vintage inspired look. Sugarcoated gets her inspiration from classic, even iconic images from the past, but certainly doesn’t go for some cheap imitation. Each look, each image, each photograph created by Sugarcoated is unique. The team consciously and thoroughly creates a perfectly ‘’sugarcoated’’ portrait of you, capturing and even immortalizing the classic vintage character that is living inside of you.

The photoshoot

Prior to the shoot, Sugarcoated’s stylist/photographer will go through your ideas and preferences with you. What kind of vintage look would you like to embody? Will you go for the chique and ultraglamorous look or rather the playful and innocent one; or will it be refined sexiness, sassy but classy?

On the day of the actual shoot, you’ll receive a welcome in true vintage style. A glass of fine Prosecco and an inspiring peptalk will help you get rid of any initial nerves and make you feel at ease. Once you are settled in, you’ll get your hair and make-up done. Then add that fabulous glam dress, shoes and some accessories and your transformation to ‘40’s sultry siren or 50’s vintage vixen is almost complete. Once you are in front of the camera, Sugarcoated’s stylist/photographer will help you to strike the best pose, like a true vintage pro!

Who's Sugarcoated?

Vivian Kramer gezegd Freher is the woman behind Sugarcoated. She’s an experienced and internationally renowned stylist, working for various parties, including many well-known styling and vintage magazines. With Sugarcoated, Vivian took her experience up another level, now offering the whole package: concept, styling and photography.

Sugarcoated is Vivian’s way of bringing to life her love and fascination for the classic and stylish decades of the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. Even more so, Sugarcoated enables her to bring some of that distinctive vintage (life)style to others, in a highly personal, down to earth and accessible way.

Besides her, the Sugarcoated team is made up of various highly professional hair and make-up artists, who, like Vivian, are among the very best in their fields.

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