Do it Yourself; Flower Flipflops


Make yourself some cute flower flipflops. Off course you will also add a nice hairflower to complete your vintage summer look!

IMG_0519lowres IMG_0529bloem IMG_0541lijm
You need; flipflops, flowers, a glue gun and glue!

The Flipflops - Make a little opening in the flipflop and put the end of the flower in that hole. Glue around the opening and attach the flower to the flipflop with the glue gun. If needed shorten the flower end on the inside of the flipflop.


The Hairflower - Use the same flower as on the flipflops. Attach a leaf on the back with the good side up. Attach an alligator clip on a second leaf and glue that one also with the good side up on the flower.


Complete your flipflops by adding a small leaf on the side.

IMG_0567lowresresult1  IMG_0571result2

Done! Super cute, fun and flirty flipflops. The best of it's one of a kind!

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