The making of...our book 'Vintage Style Guide'!

Vintage Style Guide

Our own book in stores now! So cool! But how did this all happened...


December 2015 we got the idea to create our own handbook for pin-up make-up, hairstyling, clothing and posing tips and tricks. There isn't anything like this yet. Info you can use while being at home, written in Dutch (sorry!) and very easy to do yourself.

Sugarcoated Pictures text and pics with a sugar sweet topping from graphic designer Ginny Hupkens.


In February 2016 (after a little bit of stalking) we had a first appointment with publisher Unieboek Spectrum. The publisher had great enthousiasm about the whole idea. Giving woman a push to be a bit more creative with make-up and hair, standing out is ok! And the best about this vintage/pin-up style...for woman of all ages and sizes.


In April and May we cleaned out our schedules to start on this 160 page book. We had a little breakdown after realizing we never made a book before. But once we got started with the text and pics everything went pretty quick.


Friday evening 11-11-2016, the big night! What we've all been working for, the launch of our book  'Vintage Style Guide'. With location Rotterdam book store Donner and a nice glass of bubbels for all the visitors...the party could get started. This evening was presented by vamp Jet Sol who has the best humor and made everyone laugh. We had some official parts of interviews and presenting the first book but we also had less official stuff like our vintage lottery with nice vintage beauty prizes.


A great night! Perfect! Donner told us they had never had a book launch like this before, and that was a compliment haha. We had a nice after party at Bar3 to blow of some steam.

Then, the next morning, the newspapers on the door mat with this amazing article 😉


Here 's a little film about this amazing night.

The 'Vintage Style Guide' by Sugarcoated Pictures book is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium for only 17,99 euro!

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